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Gene Marshall - The Dream Doll - Collectible Gene Dolls History

Her name was Katie Marshall. It was only after she was discovered by a famous Hollywood producer that she adopted her beloved grandfather's name, Gene -- because he had always urged her to follow her dream to Hollywood stardom.

Deeply inspired by Hollywood's greatest movie stars, Katie refined her natural abilities with after-school lessons in acting, dance and music, and by performing in admiration of everyone who saw those early performances...for even then, Gene Marshall was destined for stardom.

Still pursuing her dream, she made her way to New York City, becoming an usherette at a fashionable movie theatre frequented by celebrities.

On a night that changed her life forever, Gene Marshall led a tall, distinguished man to his seat in the darkened theatre. her flashlight fleetingly revealed her lovely face to him. Astonished at her beauty and poise, the noted move producer declared her his latest discovery, whisked her to Hollywood, and helped polish Gene's shining star. The year is 1941.

Fate steps in again when Gene Marshall's first small part in a film is expanded at the last moment into a staring role. Overnight, she becomes a national sensation.

From then on, Gene is a full-fledged star with a glamorous life and the wardrobe to match. Gene Marshall attends gala premieres. Wins awards. Poses for pin-ups for the boys overseas in W.W. II. A bit later in her career, Gene Marshall appears on live television. She has love songs written for her. And designers the world over are clamouring to design fashions for her alone.

Through it all, Gene Marshall moves from one exciting movie role to another, playing a gangster's moll... a Victorian governess... an unwitting jewel thief... a chic and savvy private eye... and much more. In one role, she's a curvaceous blonde... and then, a gorgeous redhead or a stunning brunette.

The thrill of stepping into Gene's world is that, as an actress, she can be anything she chooses... and the doll owner can "share the dream" of the glamorous era that Gene represents.

Through all her exciting escapades, public and private, Gene wears original fashions designed just for her by a bevy of talented designers. Gene Marshall was created by Mel Odom. Unlike nearly all other fashion dolls, Gene's wardrobe is created for her by "people" designers, not doll designers. Each design is scrupulously authentic to the fashions of the 40's and 50's. The rich fabrics and expert tailoring, as well as the fashion accessories that come with her - matching shoes, jewelry, gloves, hats, handbags and even seamed stockings - have made Gene a genuine standout in the world of collectible fashions dolls.

Enjoy Gene Marshall and the great art that has created this beautiful fashion doll.

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